What To Look For When Choosing A Commercial Property Maintenance Partner

Getting your property maintenance right is vitally important to maintaining the overall value of your asset. A well-maintained building will retain its value, will last longer and is more likely to attract quality tenants. A poorly-maintained building will likely cost you a lot of money – and could incur some significant legal consequences, too.

There’s no more important part of the process of maintaining your building than choosing the right partners to work with. Ensuring you use a good quality partner with the resources and experience to meet your needs will help protect your capital investment, enhance the lifespan of your asset and optimise your service costs – so you know you’re achieving all your maintenance objectives for the best price possible.

But, with plenty of providers out there, choosing the right partner can be a daunting ask, so we’ve put together a few of the things you should take into consideration below.

Can they help you assemble your property maintenance policy?

Putting together a comprehensive commercial property maintenance policy is an important first step of any plan – but it’s important to remember that not all policies are created equal.

A good policy should outline your commitment to maintenance, the minimum requirements you have for maintenance timeframes and more.

Your policy should lay out a plan to make sure that all the property’s assets are properly maintained; risks are minimised; health, safety and security objectives are met, monitoring systems are in place and the condition and performance of building assets is regularly evaluated.

It’s important that the information contained in your policy is all legally sound, best practice and makes financial sense.

National Projects is happy to help you put together a property maintenance policy that will put the groundwork in place for an excellent maintenance strategy.

Are they good communicators?

It sounds like a simple one – but you’d be surprised how many property maintenance companies drop the ball here. We’ve heard some horror stories of what other property maintenance companies have tried to get past our clients before they came to us. At National Projects, our reputation for outstanding communication is well-known. We develop strong relationships with our clients because we’re good at keeping them in the loop (when they want to be kept in the loop) and taking care of things on their behalf when they don’t. Make sure you choose a maintenance partner who values the importance of good communication.

How skilled and experienced is their team?

Your maintenance company is only as good as the team doing the work, and all the big promises in the world can’t make up for sloppy workmanship, poor communications or inexperienced tradespeople.

That’s why it’s so important to take into consideration the skillset of your maintenance partner’s team. Do they directly employ, or use contractors? Many companies use contractors because it’s easier for them to scale their operations up or down as work comes in, but it doesn’t usually lead to better outcomes for their clients.  Relying solely on contractors leaves other operators scrounging around for tradespeople who are available, rather than tradespeople who deliver excellent results.

At National Projects, we directly employ our highly-skilled tradespeople – rather than relying solely on contractors. We know our team well and have high confidence in their excellent skillsets (after all, that’s why we employed them).

That point of difference allows us to continue to provide quality outcomes to our clients.

What are their qualifications and licenses?

Make sure you check the credentials of any building maintenance partners you’re thinking of employing. Check that they’re members of appropriate associations and that they have all the necessary qualifications and licenses required to undertake the maintenance you need performed.

At National Projects, we guarantee that all works carried out by us will be carried out by appropriately licensed personnel to ensure full compliance with the Master Builders Association of New South Wales, Queensland Building and Construction Commission and Victorian Building Authority.

That means a weight off your shoulders when it comes to meeting your own legal obligations.

If you’d like to discuss your property management needs, please get in touch with National Projects on 1800 676 676.