Tips for a stress free office move

Moving can be a daunting task if not done right and very costly because of interruptions or productivity.

We recently moved to a new office which was an exciting fresh start for our ever expanding team! The process was carried out smoothly and we have now settled in to our new space nicely.

We have put together some tips for others on how to achieve a stress free office move.

  1. Safety first – There will be a lot going on in preparation for the move, with boxes stacking up! So ensure the safety of your colleagues and yourself. It is important to follow general safety instructions, do not place boxes in doorways, or walking areas and do not lift any heavy boxes.
  2. Have a control group in place – We had an organised group of go-to people who coordinated the move. These were people who other staff were able to go to with questions leading up to the move, without all the pressure just being on one person.
  3. Give yourself plenty of time – Organise the removalist and box rentals in advance. Labeling all your belongings such as monitors and cables to prevent it from being mixed up with others is a must!
  4. Keep communicating – Keep updating staff with new information so they are kept in the loop, arranging times to clear up and pack up desks at a time that works for everyone. Consult with your staff to ensure that all needs are met before making final decisions.
  5. Keeping clients notified – It is important to notify clients of the move and any other potential impacts upon business, we used social media and emails to inform our contacts of the new address details. We also relocated on a Friday to minimize inconvenience to our clients, so by Monday it was business as usual.
  6. Give everyone time to settle in – On the first day we gave staff time to settle into their new surroundings, setting up desks, organising printers, phones etc takes time. We also had our monthly meeting over a shared staff breakfast, to set a positive tone and buzz in the new workplace which will translate into upcoming work.

Organise, plan, prepare and follow the tips above to make moving that much easier without that added disruption.

If you have any questions we’re always here to help.