Three Primary Building Maintenance Categories All Building Managers Need To Know About

Building maintenance can make or break the management of a building. Get it right and you will ensure your asset continues to make maximum profits, while keeping your tenants happy.  Get it wrong, and you could find yourself in for a big headache.

As a building owner, your responsibilities extend a lot further than simply collecting rent. Ensuring your building is well-maintained and stays compliant with relevant legislation and codes is one of the legal responsibilities you hold – and not getting it right could end up costing you big. Unfortunately, getting maintenance and repairs right isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  There’s a lot to factor in and generally a lot of different parties to coordinate, so an effective building manager can end up being worth their weight in gold. We’ve pulled together the three primary building maintenance categories that all building managers need to know below, to help you work out whether your current strategy is ticking the right boxes.

Preventative Maintenance:

This is the bread and butter of looking after your building. Ensuring maintenance work is completed to schedule and done correctly is extremely important and can help prevent extra expenses down the line. You’ll need to think about cleaning and fire servicing, rubbish removal and electrics. If tenants are coming in or out, you’ll need a proven program for repairing and redecorating behind them. You’ll also need to factor in replacing things as they age and wear out. All these maintenance jobs should be scheduled and budgeted for, which will help you avoid any nasty surprises. We provide further advice on that later in this post.

Emergency Repairs:

There’s no shortage of hiccups that can happen when you’re a building owner. Emergencies can be small or they can be serious and life-threatening.  You may find yourself having to quickly orchestrate carpentry repairs or repairs to toilet facilities. You may need a quick clean up after a break-in, a fire or just a less-than-perfect tenant. Or, you may find yourself dealing with a potential nightmare after the collapse of a wall or the shattering of a large sheet of glass.  It pays to have your plan for handling emergency repairs sorted well in advance, because when things go wrong, the last thing you’ll have the time to do is sit down and research emergency repair companies and contractors. When accidents happen, you may also find you need to scale up your existing maintenance team quickly – and you need to know before time that the people and equipment you’ll be bringing in are right for the job. These are all things that should be factored into your maintenance planning.

Cosmetic Repairs:

Ask any real estate agent worth their salt and they’ll tell you that keeping a building looking spick, span and up-to-date will pay dividends when it comes to keeping tenants happy – and attracting new ones.  If you let your building run down, your tenants are going to notice – and chances are, they’re not going to be too happy about it. With commercial and industrial vacancies increasing in many places around the country, it pays to have a property that looks its best to protect your investment.  Cosmetic repairs can be either scheduled maintenance or an emergency situation, and – like with all building maintenance work – having quality staff on hand will make all the difference.  So, what kind of work do you need to be scheduling in – and how often do you need to be doing it? How should you be keeping track of it all and making sure you’re meeting your legal obligations?

This is where a good repair plan comes in.

In order to keep on top of maintenance and develop a schedule that will meet the needs of your building and its tenants – while ensuring you maximise your investment – it’s important to have this plan in place.  Your repair plan should detail your scheduled maintenance as well as your tactics for managing emergencies and urgent cosmetic repairs.

It’s a lot to consider. Schedule your projects too frequently or infrequently and you’ll end up costing yourself money, so getting an expert opinion can be invaluable here. National Projects pride ourselves on the quality of our building maintenance work. We offer end-to-end services to the commercial and industrial property industry, servicing private and public property portfolios, blue chip office and industrial tenants as well as local and state government property portfolios.

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