The Art Of Proactive & Reactive Commercial Property Maintenance

If you’re the owner or manager of a commercial facility, you’re probably already at least partly familiar with aspects of commercial property maintenance.

What you may not know is that having a good property maintenance strategy in place can be the difference between ensuring your building is a solid investment that attracts quality tenants, or a financial headache.

Maintenance can literally make or break a building, so it pays to have a reliable and knowledgeable team behind you to help ensure you get quality results with the minimum fuss.

With increasing competition to attract quality long-term tenants in many parts of the country, it’s never been more important to present your building in its best possible light.

That means ensuring you keep your facility well-maintained and dealing quickly with any issues when they do arise.

What is “reactive” Commercial Property Maintenance?

Reactive commercial property maintenance is the property maintenance you don’t plan for. When something goes wrong in your building, you’ll need to know you have a reliable team you can call in to fix it – quickly.

Some examples of reactive maintenance services include repairs to carpentry, concrete, electrical systems and hardware. You may also find you need unexpected grounds maintenance assistance after wild weather, or painting and decorating services after a tenant leaves or a water main bursts.

Being able to access all these services in one place means a building owner or manager need make only one call to access services. The provider will then orchestrate the services and make sure you’re getting the right trades in the right order, which frees up your time to handle other things.

What is “proactive” Commercial Property Maintenance?

Proactive, or programmed, commercial property maintenance is the work you do plan for.  Maintaining your building to a high standard is vital and will end up saving you lots of money in the long-term. A well-maintained building can help attract quality tenants who’ll stick around for many years and invest back into your building.

Proactive commercial property maintenance includes a whole range of specialist fields, each best administered by the relevant trade or expert. Gone are the days when a general handyman could be relied on to administer a range of services. As building technologies have become more advanced, so too have their maintenance needs.

That can mean a lot of different specialists called in at different intervals for routine repair and maintenance work.

Again, outsourcing this work to a one-stop shop can save you time, money and energy – and a lot of headaches.

Cosmetic vs. Preventative vs. Emergency repairs

Over time, your facility’s needs will change. New technologies may be incorporated and the building may age and start to show more signs of wear and tear, or the needs of your tenants may shift significantly as the area around you does.

Conducting an assessment can help you work out what repairs need to be done and when. You can then divide these into emergency or urgent repairs, preventative repairs or cosmetic repairs and schedule them accordingly.

Why Industry Leaders Choose Us

There’s a whole range of reasons industry leaders choose National Projects for their property maintenance needs. One of the main reasons is our quality, reliable team. We employ the best industry talent full-time and every team member is an expert in their field. That means you can feel confident that we have the skills and knowledge to complete your project smoothly and with minimum hassle. Our staff have the experience to make sure that your project runs on budget and on time – even if there are unexpected issues along the way. We avoid jargon and answer your questions openly and honestly, so you know what to expect when you work with us.

We also tell you at the beginning what your project will cost and why. There are no hidden extras or unexpected added fees. You can track your job, view before and after photos and read technician reports online so that you always know the status of your project.

Our safety management systems have been tested against the industry standards and passed with distinction. As far as we know, we are the only business that offers a lifetime labour guarantee and the only business that guarantees minimum disruption in occupied buildings.

We guarantee to complete your project on time, on budget and within requirements, or our services are free.

Want us to take care of this for you?

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