Sustainability and governance

Anything but

Using our head and heart.

When it comes to sustainability our approach is clear, we make it happen, every day, in every way we can.  We believe that sustainability is so much more than an accreditation or certificate and as place makers and shapers we welcome the responsibility we have to affect change.
Sustainability Icons - Environmental
We believe all people have the right to feel safe, secure and a sense of belonging, whether that’s at work or where they live.  
Sustainability Icons - Social
As placemakers we have a role to play in protecting our planet for future generations and take this responsibility seriously.
Sustainability Icons - Governance
Our systems, processes and policies provide a framework for a fair, equitable and safe environment for all our stakeholders.
Respect the past. Respond to today. Reimagine the future. 


Our partnerships with Women’s Community Shelter and the Property Industry Foundation allow us to directly contribute our energy and resources to making a difference to the safety and wellbeing of women and youths affected by homelessness.

A safer future.


Our unique position enables us to influence the sustainability outcomes of many workplaces across Australia and our process always begins with a commitment to reducing waste and reusing and recycling materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

A brighter future.


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and put policies and practices in place to help us create a fair, safe and equitable working environment, and are continually motivated to find incremental improvements.

A fairer future.