Sustainability and the Environment

The Environment

At NPM we are committed to leading best practices across sustainability and environmental within our business and on our projects.

Our design team carefully considers the environmental impact before beginning any project and team up with suppliers whose values are aligned with ours.

We engage better building partnerships (BBP) strip-out waste guidelines to assist our efforts in reducing waste from ending up in landfill and decreasing emissions harmful to the environment.

Being responsible means respecting our clients and collaborators, the environment and our stakeholders. Through individual and collective initiatives, we safeguard the health and safety of all people on our sites, in our workplace and the protection of the environment.

NPM has an environmental accreditation ISO 14001 which supports our sustainability values and recycling/reuse objectives and commitments for projects.

Working in collaboration with our clients and partners, we aim to provide innovative solutions to minimise environmental impact, whilst seeking to improve the living and working environments of end-users.

Our commitment is broken down to the three R’s:

Environmental diagram

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