Support Homeless Women this Festive Season

Homelessness is on the rise across Australia with 50,000 women spending their Christmas on the street without a home. The number of homeless women has gone up 9.5% in the last five years, new statistics show that money troubles, divorce, domestic violence and sickness are sending women onto the streets. Anyone can experience these issues, the next woman could easily be a friend, sister, aunt or coworker. With this number growing, services have to send away 250 homeless people every day with the facilities unable to meet demand.

It’s the time for giving and helping others, you can make a difference by reaching out and supporting those in need. NPM is in partnership with a Sydney based charity ‘Women’s Community Shelter’. WCS is nonprofit organization which establishes new shelters in local communities for women suffering through homelessness. The charity also helps these women improve their self-esteem, rebuild and get their lives back on track. There are many ways to engage with your community surrounding female homelessness. You can volunteer, donate, organize or join in fundraising with friends or coworkers.

Donate today by clicking here and give the best present possible to someone in need this Christmas, because nobody should wake up without a home.