Do you have a friend or family member or know an electrician, or plumber who is looking for a change of career?

NPM is constantly looking for new employees in different areas due to our continuous growth.

We generally look for potential candidates with can-do attitudes, great at problem-solving, presents well and hands on. Most positions don’t require any previous experience but please read the job description.

Don’t forget the referral program… If a referred candidate is successful in the role and stays with NPM for 6 months (pass the probation period) then the friend, family member or employee will receive a $500 EFTPOS card! Terms and conditions apply.

Current Positions available within NPM

Maintenance Technician – Sydney

Site Manager – Sydney

If you know of anyone, who you think would fit and be suitable for either role please get them to send their resume to or visit the above links.


NPM Employee Referral Program (ERP) Terms & Conditions

1.1 – What do these Terms & Conditions do?
These terms & conditions establish the rules, guidelines, and eligibility for the Employee Referral Program. It’s applicable to all successful referrals placed into a job across National Projects and Maintenance.

1.2 – What is the National Projects and Maintenance Employee Referral Program?
The ERP is an incentive scheme that rewards family and friends for successfully placing their friends and family into jobs within National Projects and Maintenance.

1.3 – Why are we doing it?
Employee Referrals are a great way to continue to build the workplace culture we have, and we want to incentivise our employees to refer like-minded people for jobs across the business.

These terms and conditions provide the framework on how the rewards are administered including who is eligible and what jobs are eligible for the referral scheme.

2.0 – Referring

2.1 – How to refer a friend or family member?
Simply go to our careers page and see if there are any suitable jobs for your family and friends. Ask them to submit their resume and advise us of your referral.

2.2 – What if there is not an available job for my friend?
If you have a friend who would be a great fit for National Projects and Maintenance but there are not any current vacancies you can still refer them for the potential job that you think they are suitable for.

Simply ask them to send us their resume

We are always on the search for great talent.

2.3 – What is the refer process?
In order to refer someone you must follow this process:

  1. Identify a live vacancy (see 2.1) or a potential job (see 2.2) for someone you would like to refer.
  2. Contact this individual to discuss the position you would like to refer them to ask them to send a copy of their CV/résumé to
  3. If the individual is successful in being placed in a role you will be eligible for the reward in line section 4.0 once they have finished their probation of 6 months.

3.0 – Eligibility

3.1 – Who is eligible for the rewards?
All full-time employees across National Projects and Maintenance are eligible to refer someone for a role.

3.2 – When am I not eligible for a reward?
The only time an employee will be exempt from a reward is if they are part of the particular recruitment process relating to the specific job they have referred on.

This includes:

  • Hiring manager
  • Interviewer
  • Assessor
  • Manager’s manager
  • Head of the business function

3.3 – Anything else?
Only candidates that are put through the process outlined in section 2.3 are eligible for the rewards.

Only external candidates who are not currently working at National Projects and Maintenance be referred for jobs.

Once a candidate has been referred by an individual, they cannot be referred by anyone else.

4.0 – Reward
What is it?

The reward is a $500 EFTPOS Card that can be used at any EFTPOS terminal. This is sent out or given to the referrer once the referred has finished their probation period.