Reactive Maintenance

When something goes wrong in your property, you need it fixed fast.

After all, a faulty electrical connection, damaged facade or smashed tiles are potentially serious safety and security concerns
Not only that, they can make you look unprofessional, they annoy tenants… and worst of all, they can expose you to costly legal headaches.

For example, …

A short time ago, we got a phone call from an unknown number at 10am in the morning. The caller was frantic. The render on the facade of his building had delaminated. It had crashed onto the street below narrowly missing passers-by. The police were called. The street was closed… and furious shopkeepers were getting more and more restless. He had heard about our ‘reactive maintenance’ guarantee from a friend. He needed our help because his maintenance company was ‘too busy’.

Our ‘reactive maintenance’ unit was immediately deployed.

Within 116 minutes, we had 6 technicians on site with boom lifts, scissor lifts and tipper trucks. Within 4 hours, we had made the Facade safe, removed the dangerous debris, and the street was re-opened. The customer was able to breathe easy again… and thanked us for helping him on such short notice. If you need ‘reactive maintenance, we can help you too. Our expert team are trained to respond fast to almost any situation.

We are prepared for almost every situation. That’s why we can confidently guarantee to complete urgent repairs quickly and with minimum hassle.

Our Advantage

Some benefits you get when you choose us:

Directly Employed Tradesmen
We employ the best industry talent full-time. Every team member is an expert. That means you can feel confident that we have the skills and knowledge to complete your project smoothly and with minimum hassle.
Organised Project Management
Our staff have the experience to make sure that your maintenance runs on budget and on time – even if there are unexpected issues.
Lifetime Labour Warranty
As far as we know, we are the ONLY business that offers a guarantee, so you can feel confident when you work with us.
Honest and Transparent Quote Upfront
There are no hidden costs when you work with us. We don’t bump up our prices when you are stuck either.
Traceable System
Track your job, view before and after photos and read technician reports online so you always know the status of your project.
Industry Leading Safety Standards
Our safety management systems have been tested against the industry standards and passed with distinction.