Security Room & Mailroom Relocation

Security Room & Mailroom Relocation

Client name



163 sqm




6 months


Basement Level, Gateway, Sydney



A well planned relocation and basement fit out has been completed for our trusted customer Dexus at Gateway. NPM ensured a smooth relocation of all major services including AV Equipment and Software, FIP Upgrade and Central Security Services. These were moved into a newly constructed Data Room with new COMMs racks.

Our specialists devised an efficient plan that aligned with Dexus objectives, to avoid disruption, for services and equipment relocation. NPM started with the demolition of existing mail room features and constructed a new facility for all parcels and packages to be scanned before they are distributed by a new mail distribution team to Gateway tenants.

To provide a modern yet convenient way to store mail, NPM built a retail mail room with lockable pigeon holes for all retail tenants.
B4 Services Security Room was relocated along with the team from level 6 to the basement into a newly refurbished security hub with CCTV and a small kitchenette.

Due to the specialist nature of existing equipment. NPM coordinated with the security team for safe relocation of various security systems.

Our team ventured in a dynamic fitout approach for different activity rooms, corroborating client’s expectation of aesthetically pleasing and functional work spaces.

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