Ramsay Health Care Office Fitout

Ramsay Health Care engaged CBRE’s workplace strategy team to restructure a leasing arrangement which allowed Ramsay Health Care to refresh its existing fit out to a premium workplace. CBRE formed a strategic partnership with NPM and Alkimi Studio to deliver the best design practices and an accelerated fit-out under a design and construct arrangement.

The challenge of completing this project in 18 weeks was achieved by working closely with Alkimi studio, Intelle Building Services, Ramsay and CBRE. The NPM team coordinated the design in unison with the budget development through a series of workshops creating a collaborative and transparent process. Ramsay wanted to upgrade their existing space to transform it into something that would reflect their way of life and the Ramsay way as they call it. The existing space was quite dark and enclosed but with this new design Alkimi opened up sidelines and flooded natural light into all the workspace areas. This space encourages the Ramsay way through connectivity, care and a nurturing environment.

The design elements and materiality used throughout encapsulates those values and create a space that feels fluid, connected, and balanced. A space that’s reliable, warm and inviting. This fluidity is felt as you move around the space, with curved walls, fluted junctions, and overhead canopies of plants cascading down. The concept was based around dependability, reliability and collaboration and you can see this across all the detailing in the project. Custom modules created with custom workspaces, custom work stations and screens allow for privacy whilst having proximity for staff members to work closely and uninhabited.

The collaboration between Ramsay, CBRE and Alkimi was a smooth process and it is seen through the pristine environment that has been created. The project was successfully delivered to the budget and time frame originally allocated.


750 sqm




Level 18, 126 Phillip Street


10 weeks

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