NPM Wellness Program – because health and happiness is our priority

At NPM our employees are the most important and valuable asset. Our priority is the health and happiness of our employees because they’re essential for the companies continued growth, positive culture, personal progression and talent retention.

We recently created the NPM wellness program which comes into place next month, the program is aimed at helping improve the work-life balance of our employees.

NPM Wellness day enables employees to have 4 paid days off throughout the year to do whatever they like! We encourage employees to use these days to see family/friends, study, relax, go to the gym, keep active, a beach day, or most importantly to find their work-life balance and take advantage of that ‘me’ time.

It can be difficult to find that perfect mix of work-life, people want to succeed and put everything into their career which sometimes can come at a price. This cycle ends up with employees being burnt out, unproductive and ultimately affect the people closest to them outside the workplace.

In a recent survey by seek (click here for full report) with professionals across Australia, people were asked what does work-life balance mean? There were four main responses from the group, 34% believed flexibility in hours/location was important. 27% that work doesn’t disrupt home life, 15% no overtime and 23% the ability to time-bank. It’s obvious to see that these results show that workers want a healthy balance between work and their personal life, and it’s vital that we as employers implement these structures to facilitate their needs.

By allowing our employees at NPM to maintain a work-life balance many positives will result. Our employees can use wellness day to unwind and focus on time for themselves, with the benefits of coming back into work healthy, well-rested, feeling great and more likely to produce the best work possible.

At NPM we value our employees, we believe each member has their own unique skills, knowledge, experience, creativity which drives every aspect of our company.

We believe this is a small investment to ensure we have the healthiest & happiest employees that are appreciated whilst performing at their best in a great workplace environment.