NPM joins the Red25 program!

NPM is constantly looking for different charities to support in the community. Charities that make a positive difference, a difference that is meaningful and valuable.

1 in 3 Australians will need blood in their lifetime. NPM joined Red25 program which unites organisations around Australia to save lives through blood donation. Red25 is the group blood donation program facilitated by the Australian Red Cross Blood  Service. More than 80 years ago the Blood  Service was the first, and is still the only organisation to collect and supply vital life-saving blood from volunteer donors in Australia.

Other reasons NPM joined Red25 were that we felt it was a donation more powerful than money, raise spirits and team pride, it is a life-saving social responsibility program and we could build internal engagement.

We managed to get 10 colleagues to our first group donation. That was  30% of office staff members which is well above average. We hope to keep growing on this number for future donations.

If you have never given blood and not afraid of needles we strongly suggest to give it a go. The whole process is quite easy and accommodating whilst being very rewarding once finished. It is an 1-1.5hrs of our time once every 3months for whole blood donors, the time I am sure we can all set aside.

Together we can make a difference so join today. You can also join our group to add to our tally.