NPM Career Journey: Sarah Rosario

Sarah Rosario works as the Project Co-ordinator for NPM, playing a key role in the construction services division. She completed her Diploma in Project Management and acquired industry experience working at a reputed real estate firm. Despite working in a different industry as a Crew Manager for years, Sarah wished to be a part of the construction industry having a family with a rich background in it.

After joining NPM in 2017, she worked as a Maintenance Account Co-ordinator for a year before getting promoted to Project Co-ordinator role. Having won two Employee of the Quarter awards, she has always ensured service excellence provision to clients meeting safety, quality, budget KPIs and aligning their vision with the finished project. Sarah has shaped her project management skills along with a better understanding of different work methodologies, driving business development, communication, time management, client management and on-site technical skills through NPM.

“Stepping into a different industry and working environment, I was challenged to think differently back in 2017”, she added. NPM provided opportunities for Sarah to get involved in rural projects and engage with local communities, “As a female in the construction industry, I felt privileged to work on rural projects”. She sees NPM as a launch platform for upcoming talent in the construction industry.

The construction industry is more than just work for her as she passionately enjoys project-related challenges, problem-solving, interaction with people, and working on a broad range of services related to maintenance and construction. In the future, Sarah sees herself as a team leader helping the NPM construction services division achieve its goals, mentoring the team members, driving business growth, and attaining industry knowledge for sustainable solutions.