NPM Career Journey: Oscar Petrel

Oscar Petrel completed his Bachelors of Telecommunication degree in Australia after first arriving here in 2000. For years, he provided installation service of AV systems for commercial applications. In 2008, he started his career journey in the property development industry as a construction project co-ordinator. By 2012, he was working as an estimator and on-site manager in construction services division of reputed companies.

Oscar joined NPM in June 2016 as an estimator, progressing to Project Co-ordinator role within six months and Project Manager by the end of 2018. “When I first joined NPM, I considered this as just another job. But within the first few months, I started to feel surrounded in a target-orientated yet friendly work environment where we celebrated every target achieved, big or small”, he expressed. His role evolved from estimating single project items to strategic thinking, building client relationships, and managing contractors and suppliers.

He loves the process involved in estimation to project completion, “I visualise 3D images for projects when they are just on paper and what excites me is how it reaches completion with value-added at each stage” he explained while talking about his passion for the industry.

In the future, Oscar sees himself becoming a strategic partner of NPM, helping it achieve continued success in the construction industry.