We met up with Ciaran Dunning to find out about his key role at NPM and what it means for business continuity and caring for our employees and customers in an ever-changing world.

Hi Ciaran, what is your role at NPM?

My role at NPM is Safety Marshall. I assist the WHS team with safe operations.  I’m also the designated pandemic officer and I assist our leadership team with planning and dealing with the pandemic to minimise disruption to our customers.  By investing in this type of preparation we can be confident in delivery for our customers, meeting their objectives, budget, and timeframes.

What did you do previously and what aspects of your previous role are useful in this one? 

I previously worked for a private military company in logistics and security as an Operations Supervisor. I also looked after all aspects of the everchanging COVID environment. This is useful to my current role, as it gave me a unique perspective on how to work and deal with change and implement new protocols for the safety of our people and customers into the future.

What are the main objectives of your role? 

I assist the WHS team in our day-to-day operations, and plan and adapt to the changing future of our business environment. Also, keeping the NPM team safe in the workplace while ensuring the continuity of our customer’s projects in relation to pandemic proofing and resilience.

 How can customers have confidence in our delivery? 

By working closely together with customers and stakeholders we achieve their goals and ours for a safe and timely completion of their projects. We study different scenarios and are rigorously detailed in preparing plans for what that means for our team and customers. We also ensure that we communicate with all stakeholders, so that everyone can be crystal clear with expectations and instructions. Our track record of high quality, safe and timely completion of work gives us momentum and we use this to push ourselves to the highest level achieving great results for our customers. We know that a focus on business resilience pays dividends for our customers and our team.

How do we balance employee safety and wellbeing with delivering for customers? 

Employee safety and wellbeing in the workplace is paramount to NPM, best results are achieved for our customers through safe work practices. Safe people equate to faster, better work produced and everyone can go home happy and fulfilled.

What do you think the future holds and how can we be prepared? 

Continuous improvement and training allow us to expand our knowledge and provide a new perspective on world events so that the best possible outcomes are achieved for people and our customers. There’s still a strong focus on the pandemic at present but in an ever-changing world, we want to be certain that we can adapt to any situation.

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