NPM Career Journey: Marie Pernet

Marie Pernet has excelled as the finance manager at NPM providing valuable insights and monetary analysis to help the company make strategic decisions. With an eight months old baby, Marie joined NPM last year and in her words “What I loved about my position was flexibility. 3 days a week from office and 2 days from home (before COVID), probably no other company would have offered this to a new employee”.

Marie completed her Masters of Banking & Finance in France back in 2012. She carries eight (8) years of progressive experience as a finance manager and accountant at various multinational firms. Having worked in diverse corporate cultures, Marie found herself adapting and adjusting in the Australian industry rather quickly. With time, her role at NPM has evolved in terms of scope from financial manager to financial adviser.

The whole process involved in project planning to completion in financial terms is what makes Marie passionate about what she does as it presents new opportunities and performance showgrounds for her. “I love what I do because efficient management of cash put me in the position to take actions. And those small actions from the finance division have the potential to create a massive impact for the whole company”, she expressed.

In the future, Marie sees herself growing the finance division, mentoring, supporting, and help achieve personal and departmental goals.