International Women’s Day Balance for better 2019

Over 100 years International Women’s Day has become a day of recognition and an opportunity to raise awareness for greater equality whilst celebrating the great contributions women have made to workplaces across the world.

At NPM we feel it is vital for our staff to get behind this cause and pay tribute to the important female figures in their life.  Everyone has women in their life that inspire them, sisters, mother, daughter’s, wives etc. NPM started out as a small group of 5, with one female and has now grown to a diverse group where the number of women has outgrown the men.

To commemorate the day our women staff will be attending afternoon tea, which is a perfect opportunity for them to come together to share stories of their achievements and the women who inspire them.  They will be joined by our supported charity and inspiring guest speakers from the women’s community shelter, to encourage our female staff to listen to their community and enable change for women everywhere.

The campaign theme for IWD 2019 #balanceforbetter, is a call to action for gender balance. The day isn’t just about women, it is a day for everyone, women and men. We encourage our guys to get behind the cause and to celebrate all the things women have done in our workplace.

To celebrate the lead up to the event our projects team came together to discuss and share their goals and to think about how they can create meaningful change for women. Our guys had fun sharing these ideas together and even requested photos to showcase their work. How willing would many site guys be to have their photos taken to a women’s event? The guys went away with encouraging messages that can benefit the women in their lives be it at home or at work. Messages such as, ‘I will influence the beliefs and actions of others’, is essential to how far women have come and will go to overcome inequality and injustice.

As a woman writing this post in the workplace, I feel that this day is as important to us but we still have a long way to go and  further changes to come. I believe that one of the main things is to continue talking about the subject. One day a year is not enough to address these issues and we should be continually working on these areas. If companies continue to work together throughout the year, getting everyone involved and constantly working on their balance, we can make changes.

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