Daniel Afonos Family Services Australia project

NPM created a modern space for Family Services Australia, known as Family Services House, to offer various essential community services within the premises.

NPM CEO Daniel Afonso said “we are proud to complete this work offering important services to the local community.”

The vision of FSA has been provision of their services to children and young people in the community that will help them live safely and well with their family. This is achieved by offering the following on-demand services:

  1. Early Intervention – (Child & Play Facilitation, Early Childhood Education & Care)
    2. Child Youth & Family Services (CY&FS)
    3. Intensive Family Preservation (IFP) / Drugs & Alcohol in Pregnancy & Parenting (DAPPS)
    4. Domestic & Family Violence (DFV
    5. Disability Management Services (DMS)
    6. Warehouse One7 –Mental Health Support and Well-being (MHS&W)
    7. Social Service Consulting

NPM has built various artistic and multicolour-themed rooms at the ground level facility which integrates the creative concept FSA visualised for childhood education and mental wellbeing. NPM ensured a space designed to align with FSA’s aim for mental health support and well-being to improve the assessment and response for therapeutic needs and a multitude of contextual disorders identified by all FSA service streams.

Operating at Level 1, Virtual IT Group is a national IT Managed Service provider to businesses from a wide range of industry sectors. NPM delivered a workspace well laid to fit and equip all the IT systems, screens, machines and what not – to give that desired high-tech look and feel. They offer the following services:

  1. Managed Services
  2. Professional Services
  3. Developmental Services
  4. Consulting Services

Virtual IT Group is now hosting dedicated professionals at the new workspace, studying and implementing custom tailored solutions to suit operational requirements of businesses.
NPM Indigenous took part in this project to install dreamtime poles which represents water waves, whales, and dolphins, an indigenous connection with the community. It is incorporated at the entrance of building for visitors to stumble upon and to be a symbol of local community support.

South Coast Academy (SCA) is located on Level 2, a highly committed and well-equipped Hair, Beauty and Make-up Training Academy. NPM carved out the space in an innovative way for creative placement of the training equipment and the black-and-white theme throughout the space to establish and achieve the desired feel for the facility.

SCA offers AQF approved courses from a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, to Certificate III in Hairdressing, to short courses and statements of attainment in specialised areas within the Hair, Beauty and Make-up Industries. NPM has embedded professional and dynamic components within this community
training centre space to ensure a quality and nurturing environment for both trainers and trainees.

NPM has delivered a space for Family Services House to accommodate training personnel and counselors for clients in a dynamic and technologically advanced learning environment that is safe, comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing, and accessible. All educational and training facilities feature high-quality indoor setup to promote learning as well as productivity.

NPM built multiple meeting and conference rooms, with an emphasis on functional meeting spaces with integrated technologies. Boardrooms focused on fostering an in-room environment suited for creative thinking, problem solving and participative communication of strategic ideas.

Soon to be part of the Family Services House are two additional tenants which will complement FSA’s service offering and provide the community with further support.