Facilities Management Good Practice

If you own or manage a building or commercial facility, you’re probably at least reasonably familiar with the term ‘facility maintenance’.

Facility maintenance can be a nightmare for building owners if not managed correctly, as it includes meeting a range of legislative and regulatory obligations – as well as being beholden to the needs of your tenants, planning for the ageing of your facility and dealing quickly with the occasional unexpected surprise.

If you don’t yet know what a difference it makes when you have a highly-skilled facility maintenance team on your speed dial, we’ll outlined a bit more for you below.

What is “reactive” Facility Maintenance?

Reactive facility management is the maintenance work you didn’t expect. It may include cleaning up after break-ins, dealing with flooded carparks or cleaning up glass from broken windows. Or, it may be as simple as patching and painting a wall after a tenant leaves or fixing a broken lock on a toilet cubicle door.

While you can’t plan for reactive facility maintenance, you can have a plan in place that anticipates problems and helps you work out solutions in advance.

Whatever the issue that arises, it’s also important to know that you have a highly-skilled and reliable facility maintenance provider on your speed dial, to help you deal with the problem with the minimum of fuss.

What is “proactive” Facility Maintenance?

Proactive facility maintenance is the scheduled works you’ll need to regularly carry out to ensure your building remains compliant with applicable regulations and legislation – and to protect your investment.

All buildings have different needs. Buildings age and deteriorate, they face wear and tear from tenants and they face the unexpected challenges posed by weather events. The technology featured in them, including heating and cooling systems and computer systems, will age and need updating or replacement.

Of course, none of these jobs run on the same schedule – meaning ensuring your facility is being correctly maintained can cause big planning and scheduling headaches – as well as disruptions to your tenants – if not managed correctly.

Your facility management plan must factor all of this in.

Cosmetic vs. Preventative vs. Emergency repairs

They say prevention is better than a cure – but facility owners and managers will quickly learn that they must be familiar with both.

Preventative repairs are vital to ensure your facility minimises its chances of experiencing downtime after unexpected but preventable events – for example, a cooling system malfunctioning due to its filters not being checked.

Reactive facility maintenance is one thing – but emergency repairs need an even higher turnaround time. Not ensuring emergency repairs are quickly dealt with can cause big headaches and even legal ramifications, so it’s worth making sure you have a reliable and efficient, multi-skilled team you can call on.

Sometimes, however, it’s the little and seemingly superficial things that are the most visible to your tenants. You may have invested thousands into maintaining the lifts, but if you’re letting the paintwork in the lobby become tired and discoloured, your tenants are going to judge your efforts accordingly.

Why Industry Leaders Choose Us

There’s a whole range of reasons industry leaders choose National Projects for their facility maintenance needs. One of the main reasons is our quality, reliable team. We employ the best industry talent full-time and every team member is an expert in their field. That means you can feel confident that we have the skills and knowledge to complete your project smoothly and with minimum hassle. Our staff have the experience to make sure that your project runs on budget and on time – even if there are unexpected issues along the way. We avoid jargon and answer your questions openly and honestly, so you know what to expect when you work with us.

We also tell you at the beginning what your project will cost and why. There are no hidden extras or unexpected added fees. You can track your job, view before and after photos and read technician reports online so that you always know the status of your project.

Our safety management systems have been tested against the industry standards and passed with distinction. As far as we know, we are the only business that offers a lifetime labour guarantee and the only business that guarantees minimum disruption in occupied facilities.

We guarantee to complete your project on time, on budget and within requirements, or our services are free.

Want us to take care of this for you?

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