Every KM travelled helps Support Homeless Women

NPM is helping to spread the word about Women’s Community Shelter with a freshly wrapped van promoting it’s new campaign “NPM helps support homeless women with every KM travelled in this van”. The van is constantly on the road travelling from job to job within the Sydney CBD and outskirts attracting attention through its stand out design.

Women’s Community Shelter is an Australian charity and nonprofit organization which provides direct relief of suffering for disadvantaged and homeless women by establishing new shelters in partnership with local communities.

Their network of 4 shelters across NSW provide a safe and secure space for women and their children who due to physical, emotional or sexual abuse, family breakdown, financial strife, domestic violence, mental health issues or lack of affordable housing – are homeless.

Each of Women’s Community Shelters remain at capacity, and for every woman they’re able to accommodate, 4 more ask for help.  This is reflected in the sheer number of communities who are approaching Women’s Community Shelter to help establish a shelter in their area.

Read more about Women’s Community Shelters or see how you can donate by clicking the link www.womenscommunityshelters.org.au/

 NPM will donate a small $ amount for every KM travelled in this promotional vehicle.

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