End of Lease Make Good

When you engage a contractor, you want the work to be completed at the right price and with minimum fuss.

Unfortunately, many contractors will underquote and overpromise to win your business. They will then fail to deliver. This can be an annoying waste of time, effort and money.

At National Projects and Maintenance, we want all our customers to feel delighted with our services.

After all, happy customers recommend us to colleagues. That’s why, as far as we know, we are the ONLY ‘end-of-lease make good’ provider that offers a unique guarantee…

Either we deliver your project on time, on budget and within requirements, or our services are free.

National Projects and Maintenance has been delivering projects to satisfied Australian customers since 2004.

We are the preferred contractor to leading property owners and managers, completing over 80,000m2 of ‘end-of-lease make-good projects’ in some of Australia’s most prestigious properties.

We have designed systems to finish projects to a high standard in minimum time… and if something unexpected happens, we have the expertise to deal with it.