Commercial interior design

We hear you.

We design headturning headquarters.

We design headturning headquarters

In a rapidly changing world, business leaders need partners that can look ahead and help them adapt.

Our team combine global thinking with the specific needs of your workforce to develop a responsive solution for your future workplace.

Our close partnership with Creo allows us to manage buildability of your design from day 1, saving you time and money.

Our independence means we are designer agnostic and can work with designers of your choice to ensure you get the outcome you desire.

Whichever design pathway you choose, we can ensure that your project incorporates global best practice, considers your ESG responsibilities and represents your brand identity and values.

Working with​ Creo

Design expertise icon - We listen
We listen
Our considered approach promotes client understanding, utility and function first. Our success is intrinsically linked to the success of our customers.
Design expertise icon - We're considered
We’re considered
We are refined in our approach, seeking to curate quality and remove excess, to allow our work to breathe. 
Design expertise icon - We connect
We connect 
We are collaborative, take a partnership approach, and believe that great ideas can come from anywhere.
Design expertise icon - We're responsible
We’re responsible

We are placemakers approaching our work sensitively. Balancing customer’s needs, respecting the planet, First Nation culture and the tomorrow of future generations.

Design expertise icon - We're brave
We’re brave
Our spirit is bold and playful. The unique character of our team shines through in the brave and progressive way we approach every day.
We create value

We can plan with the NPM construction team from day one, to create value and save you time and money.

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