International Womens Day 2020 – Daniel Afonso

International Women’s Day is a day to be recognized and brings our staff together to support each other’s achievements for the past year and to look at the road ahead.” said NPM CEO Daniel Afonso, addressing the team at the beginning of the 2020 IWD event.

The theme for 2020 IWD is ‘each for equal’, an equal world is an enabled world. In acknowledgment of the social, economical, cultural and political achievements of women worldwide. “On the 8th March each year we showcase the strong women of NPM and celebrate a day dedicated to the women in our lives.”, said Daniel Afonso.

For 2020 International Women’s Day our staff were given the opportunity to meet with Paralympian, Joany Badenhurst. Joany gave a presentation on the highs and lows of her career and the story of how she lost her leg as a child. Joany was the first Australian female Para-snowboarder to compete in the Winter Paralympic Games. Joany talked about the adversity she had to overcome throughout her career, with every hurdle she never gave up and with this determination she accomplished goals she set out to achieve.

‘Every single obstacle helped me bring a platter to where I am now. Resilience is one of the best things, resilience is key. In the workplace of in your own lives. Obstacles aren’t that big when you have a ladder.’

goals and always remember to be safe. Safety is vitl in our industry, be aware of the surroundings you work in, you never think these things will happen to you.

Her passion for the sport and life was infectious and our staff came away feeling inspired which we hope they can apply to their own lives, whether it be at home or at work.

Another part of our day was a charity drive for Dress for Success, our staff donated professional attire from their wardrobes for women in need. Dress for success is a charity organisation that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to return and thrive in the workplace. A donation as simple as a skirt or blouse someone no longer uses can make a massive difference to someone trying to get further in their life. Our team was happy and humbled to be involved in this worthy cause…

There still remains to be unfinished business when it comes to women’s equality but by acknowledging this day with an office where the majority of staff are female, together we can work towards a more equal opportunity for women and men.

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