Chifley 42nd floor Plant room transformation into office fitout

Originally a plant room located on the 42nd floor of the Chifley tower, project services were engaged to transform this space into floor space that could be utilised as a new office.

Works included demolition of existing bathrooms, demolition of walls, relocating services to save space, installing new services, new sensors, new switchboard, changed fire rated walls, built new ceilings, built new floor to slab walls, new windows, relocation of fire doors and constructing a new entry for the fitout.

During the demolition stage, we encountered 2 separate vital issues. The first issue was that there were structural steel beams which weren’t in the engineering plans. Our solution to this was to incorporate these beams into the fitout. The second issue was that the windows were coated in black rather than painted which meant they weren’t suitable for an office space. We engaged a contractor and managed all coordination of reinstating new windows.

A 3-month project partnering with a series of different contractors to deliver a truly amazing transformation.

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