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Ceiling Audits

Ceiling components provide an important design element and acoustical value but can go unnoticed until they have a problem. These ceiling components are above heads and can pose potential WHS and PR risks to your business or property.

NPM has an ISO accredited system and provides a ceiling audit service which on completion includes a detailed report. NPM can also provide certification for 12 months upon completed testing.

Some factors that contribute to ceiling grid/tile/light collapses include:

  1. Incorrect or defective installations
  2. Incorrect matching of ceiling components
  3. Poor ongoing maintenance
  4. Incorrect removing and reinstating by service contractors
  5. Insufficient support of ceiling void services

Useful Links

In WA it has been reported ceilings in public schools had collapsed five times in the past two years. Read more here

Last year 3 people were injured after ceiling tiles collapsed in a Brisbane office. Read more here

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