Career Trackers – Work Shadow Program

Career Trackers is a work shadow program hosting year 11 indigenous students in the workplace. A student was matched with NPM for 3 days, which helped our student gain insight of a workplace firsthand. It also provided NPM a learning opportunity of what the next generation of employees are looking for in a workplace. 

Here is what Poppy had to say in her own words,

First day doing a 3-day work experience at NPM, a part of Career Trackers. NPM held a Naidoc Week event in the office which included special Indigenous guest speakers, native foods and a new experience for those in the office, as well as a new environment for me. The event started off with a Welcome to Country and introduction to the event by my buddy, who I’m shadowing during this experience, Juliette. Before the event, Juliette showed me around the office meeting all the team members and getting familiar with the space. The speakers were asked questions about Naidoc week and about their personal lives, living as an Indigenous person. The questions were asked by Juliette and there was a segment where the questions opened up to the floor. Throughout this event I was helping Lucy, another team member a part of NPM, film small sections of the event on a go-pro while she took photos on a camera. After the questions were asked and answered, it was time for Lunch.

For Lunch there was: kangaroo pies, Lamb meatballs, crocodile meat, banana muffins, prawns and more. At first people were hesitant to try the food but once they took one bite that was it. By the looks of things people loved the lamb and kangaroo pies the most. During lunch everyone moved around the space too look at some Art pieces and Aboriginal tools eg: Message sticks, hunting tools and clapping sticks, these were brought in by Juliette from her house. There were two artworks that caught my eye. Artwork One, was a story about Cathy Freeman and her journey from winning a gold medal in the 400 at the 2000 Olympic Games and light the flame. The other artwork was of Caption Cook, it was a screen print of his statue head with a ski-mask covering his face, with the exception of his eyes and mouth. I have had both Lamb and Kangaroo before but not crocodile, it was not what I was told, it wasn’t too chewy and didn’t taste too much like chicken.

When lunch was coming to an end, I was given some good advice by a group and they were giving me some advice about the transition from Highschool into university and getting a job. They were telling me too pick a university course that I would like not if someone tells me to or that particular course went straight into a good paying job, that I wouldn’t even like in the first place. Overall my first day at NPM was eventful and I gained very useful knowledge from the team members that’ll I will probably use in the near future. The Naidoc Week event was also a blast, getting to hear other stories from different tribes and their experience through their time living where they are living and about their work life.  It was also awesome to finally get to try some crocodile meat.

Thank you to Career Trackers for including NPM in this project and we wish Poppy all the best with the future!