From time to time, you will have an idea or a problem that cannot be solved effectively by ‘standard’ solutions.

That’s why we offer a ‘bespoke’ service to design, engineer and manufacture items based on individual requirements.

This service can deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to ‘non-standard’ problems.

For example, we recently had a customer with compliance problem because their loading dock didn’t have a ramp. They asked us for help. We attended the site, designed a suitable ramp and built it for them.

A different customer wanted to install whiteboards at the end of their workstation banks.

The problem was that the whiteboards obstructed a stunning view of Sydney harbour.

After analysing the situation, we developed a simple track system. This system allowed the whiteboards to slide up and down easily, so that they didn’t interfere with the water views when not in use.
The customer was delighted because our design saved them almost $8,000 per whiteboard.

Other customers have asked us for irregular brackets, atypical joinery and unorthodox workbenches.

In fact, we guarantee to deliver your custom solution on time, on budget and within requirements… or our services are FREE.

Our Advantage

High-Quality Workmanship
You can feel confident that our work will be up to scratch because, as far as we know, we are the ONLY business that offers a lifetime labour guarantee.
You get a highly experienced team
We have a full-time team (no contractors) with the skills to deal with even the most challenging of jobs.
Lifetime Labour Warranty
So in the unlikely event something goes wrong, we’ll fix it quickly and with minimum hassle. Our safety management systems have been tested against the industry standards and passed with distinction.
Honest and Transparent Quote Upfront
There are no hidden costs when you work with us. We don’t bump up our prices when you are stuck either.
Environmentally friendly services
We recycle material during the defit stage and provide reports on the quantity of material recycled and where it was disposed.
Industry Leading Safety Standards
Our safety management systems have been tested against the industry standards and passed with distinction.