An evening with Tubby & Wadey – Business Forum Dinner

Friday 26th July we celebrated ‘An evening with Tubby and Wadey – Business Forum Dinner.’

Staff and other guests enjoyed insightful presentations from two Aussie sporting legends, Paul Wade and Mark Taylor, hearing the highs and lows of their careers and taking inspiration from their stories.

Business and sports are synonymous on many different levels. The skills and experiences gained can be highly transferable, we can learn a lot from sharing information and the event was an opportunity for both business and sporting individuals to connect.

It is important to treat your business like a team, each member of staff has a role to play and master ‘the game’ as best they can. Team members need to have a vision in mind when approaching work everyday in order for the team to win. Before anything else, always expect greatness from yourself or your team will not do the same.

Paul Wade “I worked hard, I was never the best or the worst but I was enough. I worked my hardest in the middle of the park. It’s your enthusiasm, you don’t have to be the best. You just have to be your best for whatever quality it is you have got”

The event was a success and a huge thanks to Paul Wade and Mark Taylor for taking their time to share their stories. We will look forward to future events with the club.