NPM Career Journey: Alex Denby

Alex Denby joined in March 2019 as the head of NPM’s maintenance division. He has extensive industry experience in building services and infrastructure upgrades, safe material handling and maintenance, large scale refurbishment works, and team management. In his early career, Alex worked as a building services manager and years later found himself working as Operations manager of a highly reputable asset management firm.

His career journey at NPM has been nothing short of a knowledge ride, “After joining NPM, I was challenged to think differently while managing a large-scale team. NPM helped me understand things in the grand-scheme of project maintenance, be it pricing, quoting, and executing works compared to my previous experiences where I mainly approved costings”, he added. Alex has developed excellent managerial and leadership capabilities that now help him in driving business development as well as effective team management.

He attributes the provision of par-excellence services with effective communication, a better understanding of the clients’ KPIs, lively and energetic culture at NPM that nurtures a collaborative work environment. With a decade-long career in maintenance and mechanical operations, Alex loves what he does and this passion comes from his interest in the built environment, problem-solving scenarios, and interacting with different people. He plans to grow the maintenance division and set new benchmarks for the industry.